Ways you can help the homeless
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How You Can Help The Homeless

You Need It More Than Them Acknowledging the very existence of the homeless people in your community is a good first step. However, acknowledgement is only the beginning of what you can and should do for people who could profoundly benefit…
The Lords Name in Vain

Your Name As A Curse Word?

Here Is Another Weird Reasons I Believe In God Have you ever heard? Chances are you have heard the name ‘Jesus Christ’ in movies or everyday talk. But I would bet that it wasn’t from telling you all the good he has done for you or how…
Dirty House

Dirty House (Weird Reasons I Believe In God)

Here Is Another Weird Reasons I Believe In God I believe in God because some days my house is dirty. Now you may be reading this and wonder how my dirty house has anything to do with believing in God? Follow along and I’ll tell you. A…
Anti Zombie

Anti-Zombie (Weird Reasons I Believe In God)

Here Is Another Weird Reasons I Believe In God Zombies on TV Have you watched some of the zombie movies and shows that are on TV these days? Sure I have watched a few of them and I kind of enjoy them. There are several people gearing up…
Businessman choosing the right door
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How To Make The Best Decisions

How to Make Good Decisions Have you ever been in a situation in which you’ve had to make a decision, and you’ve found yourself with two, three, even four options in front of you? It’s a decision nightmare. Indecision and anxiety grip…
Abandoned Space Program Found By Urban Explorer1

Abandoned Space Program Found By Urban Explorer

Urban Explorer Reveals Haunting Images Of Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle Program If you happen to be over the age of 30, there’s a reasonable chance that you remember when the former Soviet Union had a space shuttle program. The program is…

A Look At History In COLOR

Abraham Lincoln taken in February, 1865 A sling cart at Drewry's Bluff, Virginia during the American Civil war in 1865 Boxing match on the U.S.S. New York in July, 1899 An Ojibwe Native American spearfishing in Minnesota in 1908 …
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Iconic Buildings All Around The World Show Support For Paris Victims, Except One!

Many well known iconic buildings were lit up in the France flag colors to show their support for what happened to Paris this past weekend. Below are pictures of some iconic buildings that are lit up in blue, white and red except one that you…
Eric Keith Google Hacks
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20 Fun and Interesting Google Hacks

Twenty Google Hacks to Make Searching More Fun and Interesting You spend most of your waking hours tinkering with your computer, perhaps because it is required of your job. You depend too much on your computer that you now consider Google your…
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Advice From Steve Jobs At The End Of His Life

This may or may not be written by Jobs... Seems the internet is attributing it to him. Non the less, the words are powerful. Steve Jobs’ Last Words I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an…