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Eric Keith Google Hacks
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20 Fun and Interesting Google Hacks

Twenty Google Hacks to Make Searching More Fun and Interesting You spend most of your waking hours tinkering with your computer, perhaps because it is required of your job. You depend too much on your computer that you now consider Google your…
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Advice From Steve Jobs At The End Of His Life

This may or may not be written by Jobs... Seems the internet is attributing it to him. Non the less, the words are powerful. Steve Jobs’ Last Words I reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an…
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Pictures Taken At Just The Right Time

The Next Level Olympics Put it back when your done. Just when you thought you were having a good day.. King Ref it too good for this game. I wish they were shooting video instead of a picture on this one. She's often mistake for…
Dressing Down elite mark zuckerberg
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Only the Elite are "Dressing Down"

The New Attire of the Elite The new sign of success is no longer the Brooks Brother’s suit. The best dressed CEO’s are not clamoring for the latest Armani suit or the best shirts money can buy, the new breed of CEO is wearing sneakers jeans…
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At One Glance This Church May Not Look Like Much, But Then...

The architect group, Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, built this church in Borgloon, Belgium. It doesn't look like anything special... from certain angles. From other angles, the structure reveals itself to be something else entirely. A building…
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15 Beautiful Barns in Tennessee You Will Love!

My wife and I have always been a big fan of barns and the lifestyle that comes along with em'. We plan on buying a place one day that either has one already or we will just get some land and build our very own. BUT until then I can look can't…
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How To Hack Panara Bread's 30 Minute Wifi Limit (On a Mac)

Sometimes, inspiration strikes in the least unexpected places. You may find yourself in a coffee shop, and suddenly, your creative juices start flowing continuously. Fortunately, many cafés and pastry shops these days offer Internet access…
Secret Message

Daughter Passed Away and Left A Secret Message

A girl named Athena Orchard who lived in Leicester, England. She was very active in sports, particularly boxing. She was fun-loving, pretty, and very dependable, so much so that her parents trusted her with the care of her younger siblings…
Zhejian Tunnels
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Some Archaeological Finds Your History Books Are Not Telling You

There are some archaeological finds that are not being reported in the history books. Some of the finds seem like it is something you should know about. The archaeological finds listed below are not yet being reported on and may never make it…
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5 Castles That Are More Affordable Than Apartments in San Francisco

1. You could buy this castle in the Midi-Pyrénées of France for $2,659,569… It’s built on the foundations of a Roman outpost that dates back to the 14th century and spans over 1500 square meters. It has 7 sitting rooms, 9 bedrooms,…