How to make a website

How to Start a WordPress Website/Blog, Like This One!

So you want to get your thoughts, work, or adventures out there on the world wide web for the world to see. Well I have been building websites for about 10 years now, and I love it! I think you will love it too!

You came at just the right time, it has never been simpler or a quicker process.

The easiest way to make a website is to use a CMS. Instead of coding a website from scratch, which would be very hard and time consuming, we use Content Management System or CMS. What a CMS is a pre-made website all wrapped together. And the most popular and in my opinion the very best is WordPress. So once you install wordpress on a web server and attached with your domain, you have a website.

Now If that just confused you more than it clarified things, thats ok. In short below I have the easiest and best way for you to get started with your very own website/blog in just minutes.


  • Domain
  • Webhosting
  • CMS (WordPress)

If you just follow the instructions below it will walk you through the steps in acquiring all three requirements for a website.

Whats the Need for Web Hosting?

Now just like your cell phone needs service for it to be “connected” and to be useful. Your website needs a hosting account to keep it “connected” to the internet. So just like you have to pay for service for your cell phone you need to pay for hosting to keep your website up and running.

Here are the simple steps you need to take.

Go to Bluehost (Special Link: Click Here)


You would find the Sign Up option on the Homepage. Sign up by furnishing all the requisite details.

Get the Name of Your Site (aka Domain)

You would need a domain name. If you don’t have one, then buy one and you can use Bluehost’s plans to get a domain name you want. (Not all domains that you try will be available, because availability is first come first serve)

bluehost domain

The webhost can procure the domain name for you.

Choose Your Plan & Enter Your Billing Info

Choose a hosting plan that would suit your needs. Don’t opt for too many features or services in the plan as that would inflate the cost. Opt for optimum features and you can always review the plan as your requirements change over time.

bluehost-account-details copy

Create Your Password

You need to create your password for your new account. Try and create a password that contains a mixture of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

bluehost password 1

Once You click this button you will come to a page like this.

bluehost password 2

NOTE: Make sure it’s at least 8 characters.

Log Into Your New Website Hosting Account

bluehost Login

Now Create Your WordPress Website/Blog

Once you have your account set up, password protected and all the basic information has been saved, you should go to the Control Panel. When you log in, you would find an option called Hosting and in there you would find cPanel. In the Control Panel, you would find WordPress. It would be down in the Site Builders section. Click on the WordPress icon.

click wordpress

You would be taken to a page where you would find Script List with Backups, Utilities, Blogs and various other sections. In Blogs, you would find WordPress. Click it.

bluehost script list

Install WordPress

You would be redirected to the installation page. Click on Install and you would be taken to the WordPress setup page.

bluehost install

Completing the Installation

Enter your domain name. Keep the space next to it blank. Don’t opt for the default plug-ins. You can deselect them all. You can always get the plug-ins you need later, when you truly know what your needs are. Accept the terms and conditions and click Complete.

bluehost-deselect copy

For some reason, Bluehost doesn’t like this setting by default, and they’ll redirect you to another page, that asks you if you want to overwrite your core files in that directory. If this is a BRAND NEW WEBSITE, the answer is yes. Additionally, make sure to uncheck all the plugins/themes again.

bluehost-oops copy

Now you’re really almost done..

bluehost progress

Your WordPress blog would be in place once the installation process is complete.

You can open a tab or a new browser, enter your domain name and you would see your WordPress site or blog.

New WordPress site

You Can Go Ahead and Hit the Easy Button Now

Tap the easy button

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