My wife and I have always been a big fan of barns and the lifestyle that comes along with em’. We plan on buying a place one day that either has one already or we will just get some land and build our very own. BUT until then I can look can’t I? While I am looking I figured I will go ahead and collect some nice ones to show you, tell me what you think…

Barns have found their way into a kind of hullabaloo as of late. People are getting married in them and taking pictures of them and having big dinners in them but here in Tennessee? We’ve been rockin’ the barn thing for AGES. We’ve put together a couple of gorgeous places that you are sure to pin to your Pinterest board, igniting daydreams about hayloft jumpin’ and biscuits with butter.

1. Nice red barn with lush green grass.. 🙂Carol-Von-Canon-700x467

2. Old vintage barn. Brent-Moore-Grey-Barn-700x525

3. Old barn and truck? Yes!Curt-Hart-700x527

4. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is at the museum at AppalachiaDavid-Antis-700x561

5. Functionality is not there, but the looks sure are! Larry-Darling-Vines-700x467

6. This is right down my ally! Jeff-Cushner-700x467

7. Nice black and white filter. jim-denham-cloudy-day-barn-700x467

8. I really like this picture a lot!Jim-Denham-700x467

9. Oh, did I mention we want animals too! Jimmy-Emerson-700x525

10. This is where I am wanting to live! photosbymcdonald-700x488

11. I like cloudy days too!Red-Barns-700x525

12. In Tennessee you will see many barns with the roofs painted like this..Ruby-Falls-700x468

13. A beautiful barn with a beautiful sunset.. What else?Stephen-Drake-700x465

14. We’ve been to this one many times, its near the Norris Dam. Wikimedia-700x363

15. Breathtaking! Rachel-Melton-700x459



Let me know if you like scrolling down through the pictures or looking through a slider like this below?


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My wife and I visit this one often at Lake Norris..
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