Twenty Google Hacks to Make Searching More Fun and Interesting

You spend most of your waking hours tinkering with your computer, perhaps because it is required of your job. You depend too much on your computer that you now consider Google your best friend. Who wouldn’t? Google practically has the answer to everything.

If you want to make your life easier or if you merely want to make your search time a tad faster, Google does it for you.

Are you aware, though, that there are more things you can do using Google’s very handy search bar? The best part is you don’t even need to install apps or plug-ins for these.

Below are 20 Google search hacks that can turn your life around:

  1. Do you want to know how Snack A compares to Snack B in terms of nutritional content? Google it! Simply type the two foods into the search bar, making sure to separate the entries with “vs.” and voila!

Google pizza vs broccoli

  1. Are you a sucker for TV series? Do you have a list of shows you religiously follow and want to keep track of their schedules? Just type the title of the TV show with the word “episodes” into the search and Google will do the rest.

Google hacks walking dead episodes

  1. Is it a good day to frolic in the beach? Should you bring an umbrella or maybe even a jacket to work? Boot up your computer and type in “weather” alongside your location. Within seconds, the day’s forecast will come up.

Google Hacks Knoxville Weather

  1. Do you need to set a timer but are too lazy to activate your cell phone’s built-in timer? Pull up Google search, type in “set timer” for your desired time on the search bar, and you’re good to go.

Google Hacks Set a timer

  1. What time will the sun rise? Key in “sunrise” plus your area, and you’ll know the answer.

Google Hacks Knoxville Sunrise

  1. The above hack works for sunsets, too. Just make sure to use the keyword “sunset” and the area this time.

Google Hacks Knoxville Sunset

  1. Are you going Dutch with your friends? Now you can easily divide your bill and calculate the tip by simply keying in “tip calculator” into the Google search bar.

Google Hacks Tip Calculator

  1. Oh, you can also have fun with anagrams using Google’s search bar.

Google Hacks Anagram

  1. Are you unsure whether there’s a holiday coming up? Ask Google, and the answer shall be given to you. For example, just type, “When is Thanksgiving for 2015”, and you’ll get the answer you need.

Google Hacks When is Thanksgiving

  1. Did you run into a foreign phrase or word that has left you clueless? Or to know how to say something in another language. Let Google translate it for you. Just type in “translate” and let Google work its magic.

Google Hacks Translate

  1. If you’re bored at work (hopefully, not), search for “Atari breakout” using Google Image Search and enjoy. You’re welcome!

Google Hacks Atari breakout

  1. Do you have a geometry assignment you need help with? Type in “solve triangle” (works for “solve circle”, too) and let Google do the solving.

Google Hacks Solve Triangle

  1. Are you going out on a date but want to make sure what time the movie starts? Simply type the title of the movie for the list of showings.

Google Hacks Showtimes for Spectre

  1. Google can also help you find out the time in other parts of the world. Simply type “time in” plus the area (ex. Africa), and Google will do the rest for you.

Time in Africa Google Hacks

  1. If you want to find out the meaning of a particular word, just type “define” plus the word, and let Google handle the rest.

Google Hacks Mythos Define

  1. Converting units of measurement, time, distance, and more is also easier with Google. Just command it to convert miles into kilometers (example only), and Google will take care of the conversion for you.

Google Hacks COnvert

  1. You can also look up flight times using Google. Just make sure you know the flight number (and the airline, of course!) and Google will simplify the search for you.

Google Hacks Flight Times

  1. Have you been searching for the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Ask Google, and you shall receive.

Google Hacks the answer to life, the universe, and everything

  1. Key in on your phone, and voila! You have just accessed Google without a hitch.

Google on a phone

  1. Try searching “Google in 1998” and have a grand throwback.

Google Hacks Throwback

There you have it – 20 fun and interesting hacks you can do with Google’s search bar. Have fun!

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