Here Is Another Weird Reasons I Believe In God

Zombies on TV

Have you watched some of the zombie movies and shows that are on TV these days? Sure I have watched a few of them and I kind of enjoy them.

There are several people gearing up for the zombie apocalypse, as if we are going to have zombies walking the streets anytime now. Some of these people do it out of humor just to have fun but some truly believe it will happen.


Against Zombies

Honestly, have you ever heard of someone being dead-set against zombies or anyone who believed in zombies (pun intended)? How about leprechauns, mermaids, gnomes, trolls, bigfoot & other mythical creatures? Probably not!

I am talking about the people that are dogmatic and militant against it, so much so they would go on stage in front of hundreds and thousands of people and try to disprove it. Me either.

Even though someone gearing up for a zombie apocalypse seems nonsensical to most of us, you do not see people rising up and wanting to debate these people over their views and beliefs.

You would agree that people wouldn’t waste their time, effort or their life to disprove such fake mythical creatures.

Anti Zombie

So why do we have atheists?

There are atheists that write books, create documentaries and hold debates in front of large crowds to try and disprove God. Why?

If the existence of a true and living, Holy God is such a crazy concept, why would these people waste their time and effort disproving something that doesn’t exist?

The reason there are people that claim to be atheist is because they know they are fighting against something real, something that does exist, but they just don’t want to admit it.

What will happen to these Atheists?

People will chose one of two paths. Some will confess that there is a God while they are here on Earth. Others will deny God while they are here on Earth, but confess that God exists when it’s too late.

What I believe

I believe that God exist for the very fact that people dedicate their life to disproving only Him.


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