22 EXAMPLES: Nature Reclaiming Things To Its Original State


1. Farris wheel or a plant pot? 2. Buried cars swallowed by grass (Taiwain) 3. A tree house? 4. The decay of houses (Detroit, Michigan) 5. Le Petite Ceinture Railway (Paris) Pierre Folks, a French photographer, spent three years documenting the decay of the stretch of Parisian railway that was abandoned in 1934. 6. A green house? 7. It […]

Polar Bears Coming To Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Polar Bear Smoky Mountains

Approximately five thousand polar bears will be brought to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 2016. The National Park Service released a statement recently, and there is a good deal to be excited about. The Polar Bear Relocation Project In the recent statement released through the National Park Service, plans were established for a […]