22 EXAMPLES: Nature Reclaiming Things To Its Original State


1. Farris wheel or a plant pot? 2. Buried cars swallowed by grass (Taiwain) 3. A tree house? 4. The decay of houses (Detroit, Michigan) 5. Le Petite Ceinture Railway (Paris) Pierre Folks, a French photographer, spent three years documenting the decay of the stretch of Parisian railway that was abandoned in 1934. 6. A green house? 7. It […]

20+ Forbidden Places You Will NEVER be Allowed to Visit!

White’s Gentleman Clu

These Places Are Off Limits For The General Population The constitution of your country may have granted you the right to travel freely, to migrate to any part of the country to work and live, to have access to all public places but there are certain places which are strictly off limits for the general public. […]

Pictures Taken At Just The Right Time


The Next Level Olympics Put it back when your done. Just when you thought you were having a good day.. King Ref it too good for this game. I wish they were shooting video instead of a picture on this one. She’s often mistake for a beach at the supermarket. Just move it down to […]