You Need It More Than Them

Acknowledging the very existence of the homeless people in your community is a good first step. However, acknowledgement is only the beginning of what you can and should do for people who could profoundly benefit from your assistance.

No one is telling you to sell all your possessions.

I have always been a ‘sucker’ when it comes to someone asking me for money. Some people have given me a hard time for doing that, because they say the person will just spend that money on drugs or alcohol. I do not think it is our place to worry about what they actually spend the money on, but the fact that we gave. Giving will do more for the giver than it will ever do for the receiver. This article is great for those people who do not like to give money, and will show you how you can help people and feel good about doing it as well.

In our lives, some of the most significant acts of kindness can involve the littlest of things. Even a small, simple gesture can have positive ramifications in the life of someone you meet.

Homeless Goodie Bags

How You Can Help The HomelessMy wife and I help the homeless by making and giving what we call “Homeless Goody Bags”.

A “homeless goody bag” is a great example of one of those small gestures. No matter what time of the year it might be, there are things that people are always going to need. For the homeless, getting to these things can be a task equivalent to scaling a mountain without any equipment. They need the equipment.

They need help and that’s where you come in.

How To Make A Goodie Bag for the Homeless

The great thing about the concept of a care package for the homeless is that we’re not talking about some great expenditure.

Have you ever seen one of those heart-wrenching commercials, you know, with the sad puppy eyes or children in Africa, that starts with “For the cost of a cup of coffee a day…” This is sort of along those lines. However, that money goes to places you cannot see. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving to one of those charities, it’s important to remember the people who are suffering all around you.


The items that make up this homeless care package have two important things in common with one another: They are vital and usable to the person you are giving them to, and they are affordable.

You can spend between twenty and thirty dollars, or even less if you buy items at the dollar store, and have enough to fill at least four homeless goody bags with the following:

That’s it. That’s all the bag has to consist of. You can add other items you may think will help, but essentially, the above represents the essentials. This is an act of kindness that will provide an assortment of benefits to whomever you give one of these care packages to. You can assemble the bags in no time at all. Even better, everything in these bags can last for a long time. You can make several bags, store them away in the garage, and use them as needed. Anyone can do this, even you.

A Good Way To Share The Gospel

help the homelessI most often see a homeless person when I’m driving and am stopped at a red light. In these situations, I just reach behind my seat in the floorboard, grab a bag, roll down the window and motion for them to come to me. Usually by the time they get to my vehicle the light has changed, and to keep from holding up traffic I just have to hand them the bag and drive off. Ive never had any body honk or get angry with me when they see what I’m doing. But in that short amount of time, there is not much time to share a good word or even the gospel.
In my goodie bags I include a gospel tract. So when they are going through their bag and enjoying the goodies inside, they will run across my gospel tract. I believe someone is more willing and ready to accept Christ after they have been shown an act of kindness. I believe this is one of the best ways to show Christ to the homeless and is an example of Christ’s love for the needy.

“Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.” ~Matthew 25:45

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