In a Memphis Car Fire the Only Thing Unharmed Was a Bible

On Sunday, 21st of February 2016, a car traveling en-route I-385 in Tennessee collided with another car, went off the highway and crashed into a pole. It was a busy Sunday with several commuters taking the route. The accident immediately halted all traffic and commuters sprang into action to save the sole man in the car.

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As per multiple accounts by eyewitnesses, the people were trying to help the driver and bring him out when the car burst into flames. The driver was stuck against the steering wheel and it was a difficult task to pull him out. As the car went up in flames, many people were discouraged. Some even poured water on the driver so he wouldn’t suffer fatal injuries or burns. Fortunately, the man was rescued from the car and taken to a hospital. He is alive and recovering from his injuries.

Later, the firefighters doused the flames and upon inspection of the car they found a bible. The bible had survived the fire and it was almost in an impeccable condition.Bible found in a car fire

Witnesses said the car was hit by another car Sunday that kept going on state route 385 in West Tennessee. The vehicle then went off the road and ran into a pole. If that is not a mystery itself, the fact that the man was rescued in time as the car went up in flames again is a miracle enough. Among several men who were trying to break open the door, none could succeed had it not been for one man who grabbed a jack iron, shattered the car window and rescued the driver.

The entire incident has been captured on video by one Anita Irby. The video has gone viral and has reaffirmed people’s faith in god. Anita Irby has also penned an account on her experience and published it on Facebook. She wrote that she had just witnessed “GOD on 385″. While the car was completely destroyed, being made of metal and alloys, the leather and various components did not survive; it is truly unbelievable to see a bible survive when it should have been one of the most vulnerable pieces to flames.

Anita Irby further added that as some people tried to help the trapped driver, others were praying. She is herself heard praying in the video as she captured the entire incident. She stated in her post that the man was saved from the paws of the devil and that he was untouched by the flames.


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