Dubai Has the Coolest Police Supercars in the world!

1. Bugatti Veyron!Bugatti Veyron police car

Yes, the cops in Dubai get to drive the Bugatti Veyron. One piece has an on road price of about $2.5 million. The Veyron was hailed as the car of the decade by none other than BBC. Capable of attaining 267 miles per hour, powered by two V8 engines and with interiors that might embarrass some of the of staunchest car lovers, the Veyron is a fine jewel in the already crowned fleet of Dubai Police.


2. Lamborghini Aventador

lamborghini aventador police car

Lamborghini Aventador is what you may get to drive in video games or what you may see some of your favorite actors drive in movies. You may not have even managed to hitch a ride in this wonder car and yet, the cops in Dubai ride this roadster on just another day at work. The two-door sports car is worth half a million bucks. There are only four thousand of these in the world and a part of those are in Dubai.


3. McLaren MP4-12CMcLaren MP4-12C Police Car

McLaren MP4-12C is another treasure that the Dubai Police is proud of. It may not be just as prestigious as the Bugatti or the Lamborghini but imagining a McLaren with F1 technology chasing the bad guys is a reason enough for miscreants to stay away from their nefarious activities. The MP4-12C too costs half a million and it is just as fast as it is luxurious.


4. Bentley Continental GTBentley Continental GT Police Car

Bentley Continental GT is a car that you may see some celebrities drive in downtown LA or London. You could see quite a few in Manhattan or if you are driving by Wall Street. But finding a cop behind the wheels of Bentley Continental GT is perhaps only possibly when the car is being towed or remanded.

5. Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77 police car

Bond’s favorite brand, Aston Martin is a work vehicle for Dubai cops. The Aston Martin One-77 costs $1.4 million and there are just 77 of these in the world. The car has a V12 engine, capable of generating 750 hp and can scale up to 220 mph. The cost of the car is higher than the annual budget of most police departments in the world.


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