Businessman choosing the right door
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How To Make The Best Decisions

How to Make Good Decisions Have you ever been in a situation in which you’ve had to make a decision, and you’ve found yourself with two, three, even four options in front of you? It’s a decision nightmare. Indecision and anxiety grip…
Eric Keith Google Hacks
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20 Fun and Interesting Google Hacks

Twenty Google Hacks to Make Searching More Fun and Interesting You spend most of your waking hours tinkering with your computer, perhaps because it is required of your job. You depend too much on your computer that you now consider Google your…
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How To Hack Panara Bread's 30 Minute Wifi Limit (On a Mac)

Sometimes, inspiration strikes in the least unexpected places. You may find yourself in a coffee shop, and suddenly, your creative juices start flowing continuously. Fortunately, many cafés and pastry shops these days offer Internet access…