22 EXAMPLES: Nature Reclaiming Things To Its Original State


1. Farris wheel or a plant pot? 2. Buried cars swallowed by grass (Taiwain) 3. A tree house? 4. The decay of houses (Detroit, Michigan) 5. Le Petite Ceinture Railway (Paris) Pierre Folks, a French photographer, spent three years documenting the decay of the stretch of Parisian railway that was abandoned in 1934. 6. A green house? 7. It […]

China’s ‘Magic Rabbit’ Seen For The First Time In 20 Years


Ili Pika Ever heard of the Ili Pika? If you haven’t, that’s okay. A lot of people haven’t, and there is a good reason for that. When you talk about rare mammals, this is one creature that is going to be right at the top of the list. This so-called “magic rabbit” is so rare, […]

How much would you pay at a coffee shop with no cashiers?

ODD--Self-Service Coffee Shop

How much would you pay at a coffee shop with no cashiers? There have been numerous studies on how we pay a substantial amount of money on our daily coffees. Cafes and bistros are clearly not very reasonable with their price charts, regardless of how great the coffee may be. Many chains have affordable brews […]

20+ Forbidden Places You Will NEVER be Allowed to Visit!

White’s Gentleman Clu

These Places Are Off Limits For The General Population The constitution of your country may have granted you the right to travel freely, to migrate to any part of the country to work and live, to have access to all public places but there are certain places which are strictly off limits for the general public. […]

Look At The Coldest Place on Earth Inhabited By Humans


If you thought that Prospect Creek in Alaska was the coldest place inhabited by humans, then think again. It is not Fort Selkirk in Yukon, Canada. It is certainly not Rogers Pass at Montana in US. However, it does rank on the top ten coldest inhabited places on the planet. Vostok and Plateau Station, both […]

At One Glance This Church May Not Look Like Much, But Then…


The architect group, Gijs Van Vaerenbergh, built this church in Borgloon, Belgium. It doesn’t look like anything special… from certain angles. From other angles, the structure reveals itself to be something else entirely. A building that’s almost entirely see through. It consists of 100 layers of stacked steel, that are equidistantly staggered in a way […]

15 Beautiful Barns in Tennessee You Will Love!


My wife and I have always been a big fan of barns and the lifestyle that comes along with em’. We plan on buying a place one day that either has one already or we will just get some land and build our very own. BUT until then I can look can’t I? While I […]

Some Archaeological Finds Your History Books Are Not Telling You

Zhejian Tunnels

There are some archaeological finds that are not being reported in the history books. Some of the finds seem like it is something you should know about. The archaeological finds listed below are not yet being reported on and may never make it into the history books. The Unfinished Obelisk Unfinished Obelisk uncovered in Egypt […]

5 Castles That Are More Affordable Than Apartments in San Francisco


1. You could buy this castle in the Midi-Pyrénées of France for $2,659,569… It’s built on the foundations of a Roman outpost that dates back to the 14th century and spans over 1500 square meters. It has 7 sitting rooms, 9 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, as well as fountains, an English garden, and stunning views. ….or this studio in the Lower Haight for […]