Find the Devil, then you will believe in God

If You Believe the Devil Exists, Then You Believe God Exists!

If you have a hard time finding proof that God exists, try to find proof of the devil… It will be easier for you to find. I will admit sometimes it’s hard to find evidence that God is real and active in the day that we live. I’m sure that when we are in heaven with […]

Your Name As A Curse Word?

The Lords Name in Vain

Here Is Another Weird Reasons I Believe In God Have you ever heard? Chances are you have heard the name ‘Jesus Christ’ in movies or everyday talk. But I would bet that it wasn’t from telling you all the good he has done for you or how he came and died for all of your […]

Dirty House (Weird Reasons I Believe In God)

Dirty House

Here Is Another Weird Reasons I Believe In God I believe in God because some days my house is dirty. Now you may be reading this and wonder how my dirty house has anything to do with believing in God? Follow along and I’ll tell you. A few years ago, before I was married, I […]

Anti-Zombie (Weird Reasons I Believe In God)

Anti Zombie

Here Is Another Weird Reasons I Believe In God Zombies on TV Have you watched some of the zombie movies and shows that are on TV these days? Sure I have watched a few of them and I kind of enjoy them. There are several people gearing up for the zombie apocalypse, as if we […]